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Coogee Beach

Coming home to Australia necessitates almost daily visits to our local beach. What bliss to leave the sonic heat, concrete and dust of Dubai for the freshness, salty air and cool Pacific oceans of Coogee. Coogee Beach is very popular … Continue reading

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Uniting Church

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Sounds rather inviting, doesn’t it, the Uniting Church. I already feel included, and not a toe has stepped past its sandstone precipice. But I did stumble upon this beauty of a building constructed in honour of the Big Fella, by those … Continue reading

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Street Urchins

Four mischievous urban children roam the streets of inner-city Sydney and take all sorts of liberties with supermarket trolleys…yes, a typical Saturday night scene for an assortment of dissenter who crave not the lazy comforts of a suburban dwelling, but quite … Continue reading

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Sydney – Part 3

Sunday morning in Sydney. A bunch of friends making mischief in a coffee shop whiling the time away with magazines and the weekend paper….hang on; this aint no coffee shop. There aint no mocha late-to-go. This is a foursome clinging to … Continue reading

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Junk Yard Dogs

Abandoned railway stations and earth digging equipment are manna from heaven when it comes to granting a photographer her wish for a location backdrop. Who can resist the gaping jaws of an extinct front shovel, or the sinewy winches and … Continue reading

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Redfern, Sydney – Part 2

Trains and underground stations: the inevitable decay that strikes symbols of urban life is a drawcard for me. I seem not to get enough of capturing citylife from the vantage point of a commuter, fellow passengers just as intruiging to trap within … Continue reading

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Sydney Life – Part 1

For years the Sydney underground institution aptly named Manacle was the destination for all twisted, slightly deranged and most definitely chemically-affected creatures of the night who could not/would not sleep and wanted to party in a serious way whether daytime or … Continue reading

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