29-10-17 Dream

Sunday 29th October 2017

Now THIS is newsworthy. Kingsley this morning upon waking tells me he saw a dream. His daddy was in his dream. And was by the seashore. While I carried on in stupendous thrill at this insight into this child’s thought processes he goes on to tell me that his dream came from his brain’s battery which was fully loaded.
Took me quite some time to recover from hearing Kingsley tell me of this his very first dream he’s been able to recall. Then he throws me again! At the beach at a chance meeting with his cousin Aliki, the child tells her about his dream! Of course I ask Kingsley to repeat it and even Aliki is pleased to hear all about her wee cousin’s dream.
I of course become emotional at the idea that our son is yearning for his dad, but hide it well as I snap away these two ‘cooking’ and ‘baking’ at the beach…