16-05-19 Twins: At Home Day

Thursday 16th May 2019

Daddy is home all day while Γιαγιά runs errands. Elektra last night slept in γιαγιά’s room and behaves impeccably (obviously because she can’t manipulate her as she does me). Keanu does nani with me and twice throughout the night I must strop him because he’s soaked through. So much wee!

I end up wearing Elektra from 2:15pm till 5:30 walking up and down Alison road as she snuggles in to my chest. Adorable! Keanu sleeps in his swing for hours in jiajia’s warm bedroom. And Kingsley is at jiu-jitsu. A quiet home indeed.

But no one is as quiet as darling Keanu whom I like to dress up. Today he wears the gifts from neighbours Pat & Yvonne (the yellow onesie) and Min (pants) not once complaining.