23-06-20 Twins: Zia Maria’s

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

According to Google maps time taken to drive to Zia Maria’s place in Cecil Street Denistone East is 33 minutes. When the babies fall asleep while driving there, time taken to arrive is over an hour. We leave the babies to sleep. So we drive around exploring Ryde, Denistone and leafy surrounds.

Elektra wakes first, Erroll takes her in to Maria’s place where tea and freshly made date & orange zest scones await us. I stay in the car with our sleeping lamb Keanu.

It’s been a month now, he taking just one nap a day. Mid morning he’s out cold mainly when we drive. Elektra can take 2 naps but if it’s just the one then she’s asleep by 5:30 or latest 6pm, either in the car or in the buggy. Then its a matter of handling her with the precision you would while handling an explosive: leaving her asleep I race through the door, ensure all glaring lights are dimmed, kick my shoes off, strip off clothes, hop into PJs, straight to the loo I go, wee, contacts out, face splashed, glasses on nose then take the (hopefully) still sleeping Elektra to bed.

Keanu can wait a little longer for bed. He’s stoic; can cope with tiredness whereas Elektra simply cannot. So our routine at night, getting home from Zia Maria & Gavino today is as I describe it, and Erroll taking Keanu while Kingsley stays up with γιαγια and gets a delicious feed.