Kingsley: Hendersonville Third Cousins

Saturday 25th November – Thanksgiving Weekend

A generation has passed; Erroll and his Tennessee cousins have had children and these children are finally meeting today, on Thanksgiving weekend in Hendersonville.

Christina, Jamie and Matt are Erroll’s second cousins and are all children of Leigh Shephard, sister to Brian, both of whom are Great Aunt Lula’s kids. Lena & Hayden are Christina’s children. Gavin & Garen are Jaime’s boys. They all played consistently with Kingsley and loved him quickly as he did his cousins.

During a trek through the family land Kingsley and Hayden sparred with big tree branches, Kingsley at one point smashing his branch on Hayden’s head. Tears fell. Kingsley apologized and they hugged it out. Later they held hands running back to the homestead and poked cow dung with some other sticks they found.