01-08-17 Crack City with Haarleen

Tuesday 1st August 2017

Since he is used to waking these days at 12noon, it was a real struggle getting Kingsley up from a deep sleep this morning. We’re meeting Min and Haarleen at Crack City Oasis Mall at 11:30 so I’ve got to get the kiddo up, fed, dressed and out the door for our commute. He rouses from my shrill voice telling him we’ve a playdate with Haarleen!!! And with the mention of his little friend, he is up and telling me stories of what must be his dreams.

These two friends are true pals: he is stern with her; Haarleen in turn laughs at Kingsley. Kingsley yells or pushes her, she tells him in no uncertain terms NO. Today they shared chocolate pennies sitting up in the playhouse and Haarleen got her own back: Kingsley gave Haarleen a sliver of his chocolate penny. She is thankful and gobbles it up. Kingsley proceeds to bite into his penny and Haarleen asks him for a piece more. So Kingsley gives her the entire penny, ostensibly for her to bite and give back, but our girl gobbles the entire thing. Crocodile tears flow! Kingsley has been taken by Haarleen!! Serves him right for being a blockhead.

Minutes later they’re not only playing together on the Connect 4, but they’re collaborating…