Kingsley: Gnawing

Monday 30th June 2014

I would consider myself a well-meaning parent. So having said that, I feel vindicated for attempting to soothe Kingsley’s teething episodes with dollops of anaesthetizing gels. Yes I am aware that teething is a normal part of childhood and that it need not be ‘treated’ with prescription or over-the-counter medications (according to some doctors). However, I am not in the business of allowing my little bright champ to wallow in discomfort. At all.

Erroll recently brought back from Oz a tube of Bonjela and I am each night applying a pea-size portion to King’s gums, vigorously rubbing them with a clean fingertip; the pressure and gel combo does the trick to lull our infant back from the brink of hysteria and turn his frown upside down.

At nursery relief is found by gnawing at blunt objects. Whether chewing on a teething ring, sucking on a toy hammer, or some soothing topical gel applied to the enflamed area, if it helps my boy to get through teething, then let the baby have it.

Learning to crawl 020

At age 6 months, two teeth cut through King’s lower gums.

Learning to crawl 026

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