18-07-17 Child’s Farm & The Circus

Tuesday 18th July 2017

I myself can’t believe what action, fun, exercise and activities we chalked up today. And so many highlights. And achievements too! Firstly a personal high point that provided me the greatest buzz was working as Camilla’s photographer at the UAE launch of ‘Child’s Farm’ products. At Town Centre Jumeira I snapped dozens of kids while Kingsley ran feral. The Petting Zoo stunk of wee/poo and I lay in fresh shit attempting to capture children feeding baby goats.

Speaking with the talking cockatoo was Kingsley’s favourite part of the morning and he ran up to me with an observation ‘mummà the papagālos is hungry; lets feed him my apple pieces’. And indeed we did!

Kingsley watching how I’m an animal lover and brave to allow the cockatoo to walk all over me. He patted it and ended up after watching me wear it, wore the snake round his neck. A first for both of us.

Fairytales softplay centre for 2.5 hours was up next wherein Kingsley playing well with a retarded boy never once asking about his state; just pleased to have a playmate.

Mercarto Mall for the circus was next. Kingsley in awe at the tricks. Of the four artists my fave was the Russian contortionist; Kingsley loved the biker.
Photos with the artists after and telling the Italian ball/juggler ‘I love you!’

Exploring the open beach and swimming in surprisingly pleasant waters of the Arabian Gulf was lour late afternoon treat. Who doesn’t like a beach swim? Two poo incidents on the sand however had Kingsley very upset.  He had to go. Twice. I covered up the poos with sand, washed the child from top to toes with a 1.5 liter bottle of mineral water (!) and bid farewell the Arabian Gulf.

The walk all the way home from Jumeira 1 to Financial Centre via City Walk I hadn’t done in about 6 months and Kingsley was great company all the way home. The kid never complains.