10-05-20 Twins: Mothers Day

Sunday 10th May 2020

Won’t lie, this mother’s day is a mixed bag of emotions. The high stress of attending to three children’s needs constantly and incessantly with zero rest has daddy and I at each other’s throats.

The first half of the day is glorious though, with Kingsley presenting to me my gift of a framed ‘portrait’ of mumma, and lots of cuddles from the babies. But by early afternoon the five of us romping by the seaside, one snide remark, one triggering comment, and us parents are like pubescent teenagers (minus the fondling).

You babies are a joy however. Keanu wants to walk the double stroller and does so while Elektra does her now regular free range poo on the grass and out of her nappies. All the while big brother Kingsley tries his utmost to restrain all his energy and strength, and refrain from causing either of you damage from his submissions and tackles. You both love the rough house play and search for more (till of course an elbow to the stomach and we hear the bellowing).