01-12-19 Kingsley: Daddy’s 41st

Sunday 1st December 2019

Kiddo is a champ at Nippers volunteering to demonstrate the obstacle course and doing so really well especially egg-and-spoon section.

Afterwards we’re at Coogee Pavilion for daddy is celebrating his 41st among family. Cousin Tilly is in great form searching for Kingsley who in turn feels proud to belong to a big family.

A highlight of our lunch is being invited to join two very good ping pong players. Kingsley is insanely confident and precise! One after the other the guys verse Kingsley who holds his own. Then demonstrating good manners tells the guys to play amongst themselves so that he takes a rest on the bench.

Lots of swims afterwards in the surf with daddy, dodging blue bottles and jellyfish. We’re headed home by 4.

Happy birthday daddy.