13-05-18 Leaving Dubai

Sunday 13th May 2018


here is our airport farewell from Dubai. This was Sunday arvo and a strong sandstorm hit Dubai. We hardly had visibility…but our adieu was just lovely. As you know Erroll remains in Dubai to direct the international removalists then flies more for Emirates (!!!) sleeps on a blow up mattress for a week, has loads of end of service tasks to complete at Head Quarters, then our friends the Panesars take him in til 6th June while he retrieves deposits from all the facilities/rental we used.

At the airport Kingsley was ready to board before everyone exhibiting his usual anxiety for timeliness and distressed himself when I was tardy getting to the gate. He asked for Ba-Bāh and I promised that we’ll all be together soon…however school starts tomorow! The promise of a twice-daily ride on the school bus lifted his spirits. And then we boarded. And then counting backward from 20 our Greek captain flew us out of Dubai airspace for good…