07-11-19 Kingsley: EK412

Thursday 7th November 2019

I really don’t know how you kept your sanity – no sleep during our 14 hour flight. You insisted on staying up watching shows on your personal telly, playing games, climbing under our row of three seats even while Elektra and I napped.

I offered you food but the only thing you willingly ate was chocolate. Alarmed I force fed you banana, a glass of milk and a bread roll. You watched The Queen’s Corgi twice. In Greek. Refused any polariods but by then I was picking my battles with you.

Apart from purposefully waking Elektra and me screeching LOUDLY at how inconsiderate you were (I was napping too, and after our brutal 10 hours at the Emirates Staff Lounge after being bumped off daddy’s flight, I needed it) our interactions throughout the day were loving.