03-08-19 Kingsley: Leo & Koa’s Birthday

Saturday 3rd August 2019

Dubai friends are reunited! Our family friends are back in Sydney now living in leafy Kareela; friends we made back in 2011. Jodie and Roy Badawi along with Koa and Leo have invited us to the boys’ birthday party which is amazingly being held down the road from us. Cool Cats is the venue: an extravagant fluoro disco jumping castle space. Kingsley was thunderstruck!

Kingsley’s manners kicked in tonight: greeting Miss Jodie with a hug, thanking her for the invitation and giving over the pressies. To Roy he extends his hand. Leo and Koa get hugs and nods of acknowledgement that they last saw one another in Dubai “but now I am much happier in Australia…” as Leo put it.

Off they go playing like best of friends leaving us folks to eat.