09-01-21 Twins: Louis’ 7th Birthday

Saturday 9th January 2021

While the babies cried hysterically as big brother Ninii jumps out of the car and into his buddy’s birthday party, us parents are left wondering what the best course of action is. It is noon, the twin’s nap time; its also Kingsley’s right to party! We leave our big boy with Louis and his family, and drive around in the hope the babies will forget about Ninii and fall asleep. Fat chance.

They are screechy for Kingsley…and i Cann leave any of the three in this state! Kingsley abandoned at the party! Goodness I’m conflicted.

Our only solution is for Erroll to drive me back to Hillsdale, drive the babies tilltthey pass out. They of course do not not before tiring themselves out calling Νινί ΝΙΝΊ!

But after this welcome nap both babies are in good moods and up to playing at the party. They’re hungry too gracefully accepting sausages. Sausage after sausage they chew while being swung on the swing.