23-11-17 Thanksgiving in Old Hickory

Thursday 23rd November 2017

For a second night I get to have uninterrupted sleep – alone all by myself in the back bedroom – while Erroll gets to snuggle with Kingsley (and wake early). I’m feeling great; Kingsley’s waking up later and later (this morning a very reasonable 6am after almost 12 hours sleep) and today we will celebrate Thanksgiving almost some of the most important people in Erroll’s life – his family in Old Hickory.

Ward came over at noon to practice baseball with Kingsley. As soon as the boys saw one another it was immediate hugs: Ryan dropped Ward over and the boy had just stepped out of the car she Kingsley ran to the front door. Boys chatted for a bit then got down to playing in Paw-Paw’s yard…till of course we all got called in to eat our Thanksgiving lunch…