19-04-17 Hike to Anāvissos

Wednesday 19th April 2017

My day starts with school drop off then revs up with a phone call ftom Erroll and later on around 11am a skype chat. He is looking great – I tell him so – and gives me a compliment that I am glowing in my recent photos. Then as cute as can be asks ‘how the magic is growing down there’. I love his sweetness so!

Buzzing from our (free) face to face I set off for a hike to Anāvissos through and over the mountain looking dreadful in semi casual attire yet feet in running shoes but who cares; its just me and that tiny growing concern which by the way is causing a certain snugness to my clothes.

The hike does all sorts of good for me; breathing in fresh mountain air one minute then salty ocean breeze the next. By the time I’ve reached Anāvissos my vitamin D infusion has hit the bloodstream and I feel high. Visiting the three white-washed churches along my way gives me another high. Two more days till blood test time but in the meantime, this…

Reaching my destination: Anāvissos at 1:30pm