10-02-19 Day 19

Sunday 10th February 2019

Once again our house is teeming with guests here to meet little Keanu and fiesty Elektra. Elvira and her youngest, Jessica; Jenny So and both girls Katherine & Lucinda (husband Simon carting in bag after bag of gifts). And once again the babies display their tiny yet mighty characters as they have since being conceived: Elektra wanting to be heard, red, held. Keanu desiring his warm bed.

Throughout this pregnancy I always maintained that Twin A (to become ‘Baby A of Alice’ by the hospital staff then named Elektra when she was born) was the fiery, active, wilder of the twins. It was this twin on my right who caused me physical discomfort with her low engaged head, this twin who’s legs and knee would become stuck underneath my diaphragm and transport me to another level of pain even when merely breathing. It was Elektra who wanted out asap.

Brother Keanu was happy inside, kicking me less, weighing and measuring less at each ultrasound. They’re here now and like the Three Wise Men our guests arrive to Casa Coogee bearing gifts, cake, good will.

Wearing the ‘pear’ onesie given by Renee
Wearing the size 00000 onesie fit for a premie from Renee