27-07-20 Twins: Rainy Monday

Monday 27th July 2020

We have rain all day all night and whiny babies. No problem!. I pop on a poncho, seal the pram with the rain cover and walk walk WALK up the hill to catch the 353 bound for Eastgardens. Here we shop, eat yoghurt slurpies and contend with a double poonamie.

Only one way out of this disaster and that is to bathe the babies simultaneously in two deep sinks in the parents room. Frothy baths! Elektra is enjoying her new trick of splashing me. She’s also figured out how to dispense soap. Keanu squeaks and squalls from joy.

Both babies fresh and ready for milk, a bottle being the only way I can lure their clean selves into the pram. Erroll comes saves us from the rain and drives us all to Randwick where the babies and I send cards to Anthony in Melbourne, cousin Tilly, Kingsley’s buddies Lachie and Jesse.

We walk home in the rain, late, both babies hungry. Jiajia’s fava bean soup is Elektra’s meal, Keanu choosing the chicken casserole.