Kingsley: Phuket May-June ’17

21st May 2017

It may seem to others than non stop international travel with a preschooler is a mix of decadence/luxury/cruelty however to us its how we live our lives while a) we live in the centre if the travelling world – Dubai, and b) Erroll works for Emirates, and c) Kingsley’s not yet in full time institutionalized school, and d) I’ve dedicated a few years to rearing him.

So off we fly again barely four days since landing in Dubai from 7 weeks away in Greece. However this time we’re vacationing together as a family WITH ERROLL!

Our last trip together as a family was in November ’16 when we traveled to Tennessee for Thanksgiving and onto Florida for our annual (yes, admittedly decadent) Disney World adventures.

Back then we spent ten days with the excellent Tennessee Hartleys – Paw-Paw, Granna, Great Grandma Bonnie, great aunt Renee, aunts, uncles and six of Kingsley’s cousins. From today till early June we’ll be holidaying with the Aussie Hartleys – Oma, Mika, Jimmy and cutie baby cousin Tilly.

We’re off to a sterling start – blessed sleep on the plane…