20-09-17 I am a Boy

Wednesday 20th September 2017

Am I a boy or a girl? Similarities & differences

-today’s theme in Miss Xrisoūla’s class

I’ve often wondered what the kids get taught in Miss Xrisoūla’s classroom and whether us parents should be reinforcing the learning at home. Well my wish came true! It came in the form of the student-teacher ‘weekly training program’. And it makes for fascinating reading (plus its a giggle).

Today for example the classroom learning theme was ‘am I a boy or a girl?’ All activities Miss Xrisoūla’s students undertook were geared toward learning what the similarities and differences that occur between boys and girls.

Learning was through fairytale and group discussion before lunch then after lunch (white bean soup no less) it was further enriched through music & song. Afternoon tea of koulourākia & milk gave the kids energy for the last of the learning tactics – athletics outdoors with Mr Vasīli.

I read what fruit Kingsley chose for a snack (peach) and that he was in a good mood all day. That he didn’t ‘go’ and that he finished off his breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. My big boy…