Kingsley: At Home

This is what we are doing of late when at home, Kingsley and I: play on the quilt Granma Bonnie made, and toss balloons into the air…then watch as they drift down to us again. Rinse. Repeat. The concept of cause and effect is now taking a hold of our infant’s imagination and the results are addictive to watch.

He is on track, our son. For its now, at nine months, that babies would be experiencing this existential phenomenon: I press here, and something else happens. Its so exciting for a baby to get this. The skill of course that Kingsley learns through this type of play is the ability to understand that outcomes are determined by prior actions or reactions.

Developmental leaps aside, it is the unquantifyable joy on Kingsley’s pretty face as he watches his beloved red balloon bop him on the nose from yon high, that is worth blowing up balloon after balloon…

Kingsley at home, 9 months

Kingsley at home, 9 months

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