Kingsley: Early Riser

Sunday 8th June 2014 6:55AM

We have been awake for an hour already and so much has been done about the house. I am a machine!! Firstly, when Kingsley roused from sleep (at 5:55AM) we had already dealt with an ‘incident’ throughout the night. This meant stripping the boy of his bed clothes, soaking them in a bucket, and showering the child. And I do mean showering him such was the leak. King is the happiest when immersed in water or watered from a spout, like a flower. So off with his clothes and straight onto the tub (all the while Erroll remained asleep, God knows how). Who knows what time this was. 2AM? 3 perhaps?

Wet wipes don't cut it for major spillages. A full immersion bath does.

Wet wipes don’t cut it for major spillages. A full immersion bath does.

We passed out thereafter…till 5:55AM, when ‘incident’ number two appeared. This required a full stripping of the bed, soak, and wash. The boy was dashed to the bathroom and expunged of the offending items, dried, clothed and promptly deposited in front of the IPAD watching his favourite Baby Einstein episode (Animals in my Yard).

I have since hung up the sheets/baby clothes/towels, brought in the clean, dried washing from the line, made up the bed with fresh linen, bathed AND shaved my legs (yay!), applied make up, done my hair, washed out the pumping gear, dried it and in fact this very minute, am expressing milk for the infant’s day at nursery.

Meanwhile, Erroll slumbers in the second bedroom and the clean baby bounces along to the music of Mozart in ours…




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