21-05-19 Kingsley: Brotherly Love

Tuesday 21st May 2019

Kingsley’s chess day. Actually chess and jiu-jitsu day. Erroll does the morning run and I do afternoon (with Elektra accompanying) and on to jiu-jitsu for an intense group session in preparation for Kingsley’s first tournament in July.

Yesterday the students were sternly warned never to touch another person’s belt for it is deemed highly disrespectful to do so. [I am sure Kingsley skipping with another boy’s belt on the mat spurred the lesson from Coach Raf in manners].

Showing so much affection – genuine love – for his sister, our ride home on the 313 is really pleasant for all Kingsley wants to do is get up in Elektra’s grill and grin crazily at her till she cracks a smile. And smile she does. Even our fellow commuters comment on how adorable Kingsley is.

And its not confined to Elektra (although he prefers its his sister to come sleep with him in the big bed); bathtime with Keanu is heartwarming: Kingsley soaping his little brother up and encouraging him to burp (‘κάνε νκάρτ!’) while I search for the camera! That brotherly love will only get stronger.