27-12-19 Kingsley: Santa for a Very Coogee Christmas

Friday 27th December 2019

Santa makes an appearance at Casa Coogee and the twins are shook! Keanu visibly shakes when Santa presses his face at him; Elektra leans away and turns to get away from the fat man! Kingsley isn’t convinced ‘where is my dad?’ he asks repeatedly to the jolly man who just ho-ho-ho’s and drinks beers.

This year Santa is very generous to Kingsley for reasons we don’t know because Kingsley has been a ratbag for much of the year! Currently his favour things to do are: a) when at home ask to watch a movie/use my phone; b) when out ask me/dad/γιαγιά to buy him a toy or game.

We literally don’t even know what games and toys he’s got! That pile of pressies in the baby’s cot only grows with each visitor. Still he asks for more! And Santa actually listened. A very Merry Coogee Christmas darling.