24-03-19 Twins: Unsettled

Sunday 24th March 2019

Another crazy noght of hardly any sleep. One child wakes, gets fed, changed abd ricked to sleep. Must express milk for next round of feeds,  is the only thing on my salty brain. And as I put Keanu to sleep…Elektra stirs. I don’t have time to express! She’s started to wail! I have st this stage hopped off one hamsters wheel and onto the next.

We’re all three of us passesd out by 7 and wake finally at 9:30 only because we have guests arriving in half an hour. Unsettled the twins are all of Sunday. No poo plus loads of farts and efforts to burp mean they’re having trouble sleeping (staying asleep). At any one moment during the day both bdbuescate being held by adults. Whether me or mum, Lucy or Marlen. Kingsley almost cuddled Elektra but then declared he ‘doesn’t know how to’ (!).