07-08-17 Nurse Jinky in Ibn Tuna

Monday 7th August 2017

When this early evening we stepped out of the Ibn Battuta metro station the heat and glare dazzled us both so much so Kingsley asked for his sunnies back on. Hot winds blowing in from Saudi Arabia literally burn eyes, drying them out.

So it took me some moments to make out in the distance a most familiar face: Kingsley’s first ever carer, Nurse Jinky, waving madly at us. NURSE JINKY!!! I yelled in crazed happiness and we both hugged. Kingsley it seems knew instinctively that this woman was in his life (he’s seen her plenty of times throughout his three years) and gave a start; looked intently; cocked his head. It took the child a little while to submit to cuddles and affection from the woman who cared for him like her own during those early months. He pottered about, kicking pebbles while Jinky and I spoke.

At our parting his own warmth and sweet temper shone through: Kingsley actually condescended to have his photo taken with Jinky, his exertions extending to even smiling for the camera and even waved adieu to her calling out Yiă-sou Nurse Jinky! as she entered the metro station and left us giddy from joy.

On his favourite game ‘Alien Patrol’

Nurse Jinky

New mate Ziad