25-08-18 Nameless New Friend

Sunday 25th August 2018

It all happened so suddenly and without warning. There we are walking along the shore, as we’ve done the past few afternoons from Anavyssos to Palàīa Fokaia, when today Kingsley and a little long-haired girl lock eyes and literally begin chasing one another…around a rubbish bin on the beach. Its as though they could not help themselves! Round they went then into the surf they splashed (she pleaded ‘chase me!), out again and round the bin for the tenth time.

Kingsley was smitten. She, too. For the first time in forever a little person didn’t assume Kingsley is a girl (most adults and kiddies call him ‘a girl’ or ask me ‘is she a girl?’). This bright spark knew immediately. Then Kingsley just couldn’t help himself any longer: grabbed my phone and took a shot of his new nameless friend – the last photo here…