20-03-20 Twins: Balmoral by Ferry

Friday 20th March 2020

While daddy and Pa-Paw spend precious time together, I’ve got the babies and we’re strolling the promenade of glorious Balmoral Beach. Its so pretty! The twins are hugely popular and are the only twins out today so lots of people stop to chat.

Highlights of our day: babies falling asleep as I stroll; crawling about on the grass; photos with each of them with iconic harbour waters in the background; spotting their Pa-Paw and daddy on a bench; having a dip6in the water with Elektra; giving both a bath at Bathers Pavilion; finding Keanu’s lost dummy; the sound of silence thereafter.

Lowlight: losing Keanu’s dummy and hearing the shrieks of despair from his tiny throat.