28-04-17 Glifătha

Friday 28th April 2018

While Kingsley enjoyed his first day at preschool since we unplugged the telly my spirits soared so high fir this tiny yet significant change to his routine that I decided to take a day trip to the gorgeous cosmopolitan seaside town of Glifătha.

Equidistant from Athens and Saronītha its an easy 45 minutes bus ride along the scenic Saronic coastline. My mind is light because I have a good feeling that Kingsley’s behaviour at school will only get better. Bloody tv.

By the time 3pm comes I’m back from my day trip, Kingsley’s back from school, and a glowing report about our tiny student is sent to me: Kingsley won an award for ‘excellent and most improved behaviour in the classroom’. Well aren’t I the proudest mummà!

I got JiaJia Dora on the case today as well. We are both in agreement that Kingsley regresses with tv so from here on in its engagement and one-on-one funsies for our champ.

8:20am on the school bus

With the ‘stěfano’ craft from school

On our way to souvlāki with JiaJia

Souvlāki for dinner

After school chocolate milk

7pm at our local taverna ‘Anchor’ before at 7:30pm sleep