23-08-20 Kingsley: Man of the Match

Sunday 23rd August 2020

Day 3 of parenting alone while Erroll quarantines in Perth for 4 days. I’ve managed to deal with active daytimes and crazy night times but a cold Sunday morning run for rugby league on public transport is something I was incredibly happy Marlen wanted to take off my hands.

Marlen DID help today! She came over at 10am, drove Kingsley to his rugby league game which was played far away at Hefron and would’ve meant being on a bus with the 3 kiddies for an hour in this blisteringly cold windy day. What a saviour! (though she ran 20 minutes late).

Late as she was, Marlen delivered our Try scoring son who tackled fearlessly and ultimately won the Golden Boot for Man of the Match. And helped the Coogee Dolphins Under 7’s win 11 to 10. But it was the refreshing Bulla Marlen produced for the team that was the best part of the day. That, and Frank the team’s unofficial mascot!