24-07-19 Kingsley: Basketball

Wednesday 24th July 2019

Lets just add one more extracurricular activity onto Kingsley’s plate: basketball! A true wish of both he and Erroll we were never going to ignore the callof the basketball hoop. After all we’ve got one in the back yard!

After school with no Greek class to attend we all 5 of us pile in the car and head home. Between parking the car and getting the babies upstairs Erroll managed to call the local basketball league, enrol Kingsley, and secure a spot for him at tonight’s training.

The boys go for a 5pm start and the reports I receive are so positive: Kingsley is enjoying dribbling, passing the ball, mucking around on the court. He makes friendly banter and the rest of the 5 – 7 year on the court are just as nutty as our son. Erroll cracked up at one point: Kingsley puts a shot in then does his happy / floppy dance then throws himself on the floor.

Yes: basketball is already a hit. Greek lessons on Wednesday after school may have to stop…

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