10-08-19 Twins: Zennia Visits

Saturday 10th August 2019

While Erroll works I get reprieve in the form of Zennia who sweeps into Casa Coogee and is all hands on deck. A baby whimpers? She picks it up. A baby squeaks? Into her arms. Elektra grizzles? Straight onto Zennia’s lap. Keanu grumbles? Big cuddles on their way.

Neither Zen nor I ever let the babies go further than a peep, let alone cry! We want happy content confident children to populate the globe…so we heap love on the Hartley trio.

A bag full of pressies she arrives with: baby socks his and hers, hoodies, pants and PJs. Kingsley receives his first digital camera! But her chat is the best gift of all, Keanu enchanted by her voice and how close she holds him. Meanwhile Elektra swings in her pink rocker.

For Zennia’s efforts the twins, in turn, do mighty poos while she hugs them. First Keanu then the girl. Aunty Zennia’s affection for the babies stops at a nappy change. Γιαγιά Δώρα takes over and we resume sipping our rose tea.

The babies get egg yolk for dinner while Zennia takes Tupperware of κουλουράκια home for her boys.