Kingsley: Bonjela

30th May 2014

Are my eyes playing tricks on me today? Do I detect the eruption of baby tooth in Kingsley’s gummy mouth?? Look, I cannot be certain because this child does not sit still long enough for me to have a good root around in there and to be honest the amount of drool coming out of his mouth makes it impossible to see what’s going on anyway (I don’t know how dentists can cope).

Our fusspot KIngsley wearing his dad's blue outfit (1978 classic)

Our fusspot Kingsley wearing his dad’s blue outfit (1978 classic)

All day long Kingsley fussed and appeared unsettled. Whether on the breast or in our bed, playing with Jiajia Dora or alone on his play mat, our boy grumbled and seemed in some sort of discomfort. Waking at 6AM near killed me and by the time his 9AM nap came along we were both exhausted and distressed. I needed HELP.

Mum told me I was to apply Bonjela on the boy’s lower gums immediately and not resist the need to administer baby panadol to the crying infant. Kingsley got the pain relief and then slept like a lamb, his mouth open enough for me to peer inside.

Sure enough, beneath those pink lower gums is the first hint of a white crown: Kingsley’s first tooth!

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