05-02-17 14 Hours Sleep

Sunday 5th February 2017

9:30 AM Dubai: We are up now, eating breakfast, and I couldn’t be happier with how much this little champ sleeps: last night it was 14  hours. But it wasn’t 14 hours straight. We had one wake-up – at 6AM – for a wee. He doesn’t wet his nappy any longer (he hasn’t for two months now) and so he stirred after 12 hours’ sleep, whispered “thelo tsisa” (I need a wee) and indeed went to the loo! We both fell back to sleep for two and a half more hours, reluctantly waking at 8:30. Bliss!

With such prolonged sleep comes a hunger. Kingsley gets two slices buttery wholemeal toast, a bottle of laban, two fried eggs and a glass of milk. Now to put my mind into what to feed him for lunch…

The sleepyhead taken at Coogee late December 2016