17-05-17 Final Day at Preschool

Wednesday 17th May 2017

Kingsley is unaware that today marks his final day at preschool. As happy as a clam does he wake today at 7am after almost 12 hours sleep. He’s hungry for an apple then a banana then plain crunchy bread. Its the morning ritual we’ve developed over the past seven weeks. No TV fir the past four. All interactions with JiaJia and I since the television was unplugged are geared toward learning and stretching his concentration span. This morning’s activities involve cutting along the dotted lines and assembling puzzles.

Its working according to Miss Sophia. We speak this afternoon she and I and her praise of Kingsley’s progress could not be more complimentary. He is universally liked, considered the cleverest child in class and a pleasure to teach. What alterations in his temper this past season has seen in him! We’ll be back again, this I promise.

By 3:30pm I’ve rounded up neighbour Kirīa Kikī, JiaJia Dora and the supermarket crew downstairs to await Kingsley’s final return home on the school bus. It didn’t disappoint; his teachers, school Principal and fellow students all pitched in to bestow many tboughtful parting gifts. A big green bag full! My favourite gift has to be the bound book of all his classmates’ drawings. Little Aristotle, Dionysus, Jason, Ioānna and Maroula among otgers scribbled in colour and sent Dorötheos off to Dubai with love.

Miss Xrisoūla helps Dorøtheos off the bus with his farewell gifts

Miss Xrisoūla

Afterschool chat with Kirīa Kikī