Good Food Diet Day 7: 13Feb13

On the righteous path. And its a red coloured one. Red: the colour of Valentines Day; its unavoidable: supermarkets, pharmacies and florists: bunches of red everywhere. However its not the blooms I am interested in today; its the red and pink superfoods that have got my tastebuds dancing. Red apples and deepest darkest violet beetroot. Mmmm…

Yoghurt Addiction

Yoghurt Addiction

Legumes, greens, shoots, red-coloured veges, apples and buckets of natural set Greek style yoghurt carried extraordinary flavours today, and became very excited to munch on zataar-smothered beetroot. Five or more apples a week has been linked with better lung function most likely due to an antioxidant called quercetin found in the skin of apples (as well as in onions and tomatoes), much of which made up today’s healthy options:

260 grams Garbanzo beans (chickpeas) (400 cal)

240 gram can beetroot (100 cal)

2 x bananas (200 cal)

2 x apples (200 cal)

tomato (25 cal)

Greens (50 cal)

Red Onion (50 cal)

Cucumber (30 cal)

4 x 170 gram tub low fat yoghurt (300 cal)

500 gram tub low fat yoghurt (500 cal)

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