34 weeks

I know I know, its outrageous, all this international travel when Seahorse is coming along to full term. However the travel bug has well and truly embedded itself under my skin, and by Jove, it has made Seahorse one stout baby in utero and me as jumpy as a cricket and as strong as an ox.

Its time to travel abroad once again…

Enter, Paris. And so, with that precious fit-to-fly certificate in hand, I thank our doctor with assurances that this is it! No more flying!! I promise!!! take my leave of her office, and bundle this 34 weeks old Seahorse and my bulging belly just one more time onboard an Emirates flight. We are celebrating 34 week of pregnancy in Paris, baby!

28th October 2013 - 34 weeks pregnant

28th October 2013 – 34 weeks pregnant

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