Full Time Mumma: Day 8 Drinkies

Thursday 12th February 2015

Finally I am out on the town! The girls hatch a plan to step into heels, and step out into the night to mark Darine’s birthday. Its been a long time since we all hooked up to go the a bar, us four friends. Somehow, for some reason, the stars aligned today, as did our excellent moods, and the ease with which we were able to get out of the house was remarkable. You see three of us four have kids, and two friends have two each. So stepping out of the house on time, and dressed reasonably satisfactorily, is akin to a domestic miracle.

You see celebrations are in order: Darine turns 29 today and the menfolk have agreed to babysitting the chirren. So I will chug down that champagne, sing and dance and make merry till midnight ticks over. So rebellious!!

The Dubai crew celebrating Darine's 29th birthday with fizz!

The Dubai crew celebrating Darine’s 29th birthday with fizz!


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