20-07-16 JumpBoxx Mirdiff

Wednesday 20th July 2016

Camilla takes the day off work, calls early this morning and invites us to spend the day at a crazy, unique fitness centre in Mirdiff called JumpBoxx. We’d been there before, exactly a year ago, and the memories were very positive, what with Kingsley spending hours on trampolines and flinging himself into great ditches filled with spongey squares, while us mums chatted away on the benches.

We met at 11:15am and for the next three hours all of us (two adults and three toddlers) set about jumping to our fitness. The eldest kids scurried to all corners of the expansive establishment, usually finding their way to the snack shop and whining for chocolate M&Ms (Layla) and orange Calippo (Kingsley) while us old mares made friends with the ‘Head Bouncer’ – ex-marine with tattoos covering his fine limbs and ‘Head Trainer’ – a very muscular and chisel-chinned fellow in tight shorts. They gave us a private ‘bounce session’ but I had to stop mine short as my bloody pelvic floor muscles gave way. Dreadful.

Kingsley got to shoot hoops with Omar, flirt with Layla, touch Miss Camilla’s boobs as she lay on one of the trampolines cuddling Maya, and expend so much energy jumping around that he napped a full three hours when we got home. Win!

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