30-01-18 Day 8

Wednesday 30th January 2019

Elektra sleeps better with full tummy that’s a certainty. So Lyn my midwife fed her 45mL of Aptamil overnight; I received therapeutic 5 hours continual sleep.

Erroll is fully smitten with our two. He holds them bundled up in their bunny rugs one by one like two butritos!!

I didn’t see Kingsley today as Erroll came to me early to be with Keanu in NICU. But at 11am Erroll fetched our firstborn and they went for a surf till 2pm. If that child receives just one really good session of activity, he is satisfied.

Great news: Elektra and I just woke from a superb 1.5 hour nap. I was seeing double just before the nap, could not string words together. Then thought ‘fuck it’: closed my door, fed BabyOne, then we both passed out…till the Dinner Lady knocked on the door with a tray of bland food.

Keanu sleeps most of the day. The NICU team says its normal for underweight premie kids who undergo lung trauma to sleep a lot in order to recover.