04-04-20 Twins: Visiting in the Age of Corona Visiting

Saturday 4th April 2020

During this Age of Corona we visit by staying in the car or keeping a distance. First up take the babies to Marlen and Jeremy, Frank the highlight for Elektra who shows with her pointer finger whenever Marlen asked her ‘where is Frank’. Keanu due to being overtired cried alot and then said ‘oooh!’ pointing over to Frank the instant I picked him up. The crying ceased that millisecond too.

Next we visit Erroll’s cousin Sam and his big family who have now taken to playing in their lane way. We exchange love and stories as well as Lindt chocolates through the lowered car window.

A car ride is next the babies passing our from Bronte to La Perouse then back north to Vaucluse then back home again. Their best nap to date.