24-01-20 Kingsley: Bunnerong Gym

Friday 24th January 2020

There is not a chance I’m keeping Kingsley at home today when Erroll is working. I’m already a little unstable as it is! Off he goes with daddy at 8:30am after a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs.

He insists on staying longer through aftercare and what’s an extra $10 to the thousands we pay for extracurricular activities? So he’s on the mats till 4 when I fetch him then it’s immediately to Woolies for our treats. Kingsley wants yoghurt, laban and banana. The babies want yoghurt, laban yoghurt and lamb in a pouch. So much lamb casserole that they both poo and my only choice is to wash them at Tierney Reset under the bubler while Kingsley plays tip with Argentinian brothers Louis and Eric.

Its Kingsley’s second time at this Reserve and the second time he’s played with these outstanding well behaved playful boys. All three are solid and ask me to bring Kingsley back to play again. After all Louis understands Greek! Takes Greek class at school!

Here is Kingsley being cuddled over 5 years ago by Aunty Mika at her farewell party Bondi.

…and five years later en route to visit Oma.