13-04-17 School Hols

Thursday 13th April 2017

Holy Thursday – The Last Supper

Its 10:15pm and Kingsley is riveted to the telly watching an old school version of the passion of the christ with his JiaJia Dora. Its disturbing and violent viewing with JiaJia crying at Christ’s stoning and whipping. Kingsley comments that ‘Xristoūli’ is being hit ‘again and again, JiaJia. Why?’ I’m comfort eating in the kitchen and irritated with myself for mindlessly chewing essentially an entire loaf of bread among everything else that Dora’s bountiful larder provides. Now my abdomin aches and I’m nervous about that let alone how I’m to actually sleep with this stomach.

Meanwhile Kingsley was sick this afternoon – all over the balcony. We’d gotten home at 3pm after a day discovering and exploring a bee keeper’s honey farm, prairie land and an abandoned playground. He was snotty all day yet very active so I fed him even by my standards alot of food for a three year old throughout the day (our daily pincic) then when we got home (care of Dora’s kitchen). Then he began a coughing spell and a blocked nose then I forced him to sleep. And when the coughing was causing him to wake, forced three medicines down his throat and up his nose. And then our boy was sick. It stands to reason: starting preschool has provided Kingsley not only new mates but their germs too.

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