Kingsley: Sardines

Tuesday 22nd March 2016

I woke with all the intentions of the world to get out of the house, perhaps show Kingsley a park or a pool, do some shopping and lots of walking…but then I peered outside the window and all I saw was rain clouds and wet streets. Needless to say we did not leave our apartment all day, and neither did we get out of pyjamas. Heaven!

In the evening, and after our three hour nap (!) I spoke with friend Lena, and one of the conversations was around ensuring Kingsley receives proper and varied nutrition on a daily basis. Now I am he first to admit that this is impossible for me to achieve especially since I don’t cook meals for the family. So I actually listened not to the details of what she was saying, just to the sentiment. It had merit. Once off the phone I conducted a quick assessment of what I had felt the boy all day. Cashews, milk, egg, toast, butter, salmon, green apple. He was still nibbling on cashews at 8:30pm so I figured he was still hungry. But what to give him?

Inspiration came to me as I started on my own dinner: give Kingsley a taste of sardines! He watched as I tucked into my salad and seemed interested so I offered him a fillet. He measured it up, sniffed at it, moved his mouth toward it, halted…then let me feed him his very first taste of canned sardines in water. And did not spit it out. Who would have thought?

Kingsley enjoyed it so readily and ate so much that I opened another can. His first dinner of wholesome nourishing oily fish. Staying home all day in PJs was worth it just for this. I really must tell Lena tomorrow over coffee…

Playing with dried white beans and a colander

Playing with dried white beans and a colander