22-09-17 Fakěs & Tyrī Fěta

Friday 22nd September 2017

Every Friday you enjoy a tasty portion of fakěs with a side of fěta. School lunches in Greece are hot and made fresh. Reports come in to me by way of a daily journal of how you enjoyed your lunch, how much you ate, the seasonal fruit uou nibble on and most critically your mood during the day. All positive so far!

Even afternoon tea is accounted for: today you sat with your school friends to eat bread and butter topped with marmalade. However much you get through at school I notice that the very you’re off the school bus your little mouth is ready for snacks.

While playing with Fīvos (and Venezuela our community hound) you drink milk, eat a banana then an apple. And once Fīvos goes upstairs with his mum Louisa we two head for the Foūrno for a 50 cent kouloūri. We’re invited over to Fīvos’ place tonight and this is how excited you are. Wee scoundrel…