20-06-19 Twins: Early Night

Thursday 20th June 2019

9:30pm. Here is the scene: I’m at the dining room table pumping milk, chatting with Annamiek who is now home with newborn baby Goldie, Kingsley and his dad are fast asleep and have been for over an hour. Elektra is in my bed, and Keanu is in his beloved bassinet. Both babies we put down early for an early night. And for the first time in forever, Kingsley has both his parents to himself at dinner; no distractions.

So if night time is for big bro, daytime is for the little people. All day the twins are held. I take Elektra in the carrier with us for school drop off, Erroll wheels about Keanu and we meet at Coogee for a stroll then to watch the Roosters train at Coogee Oval where the babies both decide its time for a feed.

At home I have the privilege of cuddling the babies for hours and hours. When hungry they get a feed; when stinky straight in for a bath; when emotions run high they get scooped up in arms. Keanu gets his mummă’s attention as he’s got so much wind which needs releasing I suspect its because I didn’t mix the correct proportion of formula with water  (too much water; too little formula). Meanwhile Elektra plays on her gym mat.

Keanu goes down in his bassinet early so then I get this beauty to moon over…