07-07-17 Dubai Aquarium

Friday 7th July 2017

Linus let me sleep in this morning. He’s done so for the past few days. Happy to just lay in bed asleep as long as I’m in there snoring away, Kingsley won’t move till I’m up. And today that was 9:40am.

He’s still got a love affair with the porcelain throne – likes to take his time in there, sometimes reads a book too – and always calls me when his royal bum is ready to be wiped.

We have a full house this morning. Melanie Commons is with us and has finally broken through to Kingsley’s heart. Mainly by being cool and distant/intriguing but also due to the double pack of Tim Tams she gave him yesterday. Mel is a hit. While Erroll dresses to fly to Amsterdam Kingsley politely asks Mel for a Tim Tam (yes, for breakfast). They’ve been mates since yesterday’s Tim Tam gift exchange and this morning’s breakfast Tim Tam episode only served to infuse Mel with the kind of goddess cool a kid is magnetized by. They’re firm friends all throughout the day from there on in.

By midday Erroll is taking off and the rest of us walk to the Dusit for traditional Thai music played live (plus to get out of the oppressive heat) then onto Rolex Tower for hours in the pool.

At night we walk to the Dubai Mall then enjoy the aquarium. For dinner its Wafi Gourmet and the ipad becomes my new best friend again. With Kingsley watching epidode after episode of Zak & Quack Mel and I get to eat and chat. Luxury! We’ll invite you out again anytime Kingsley!

At the Dubai Aquarium