20-09-17 Gýro

Wednesday 20th September 2017

A letter to Erroll…

Great story. One to tell your islander bro-crew over beers. Mark Hunt SOUNDS like a choice gentleman. He made YOU feel important. I may even read his book.

Wednesday afternoon completed in Greece – visit the shops for an icecream, visit the foūrno for a giant sesame kouloūri (like a pretzel but soft and chewy), wander to the sea, jumping in, exploring rocks, chatting with old sea dog fishermen, outdoor shower.

Kingsley demolished a chicken gýro with chips on the side for dinner then watched ‘Deal or No Deal’ with JiaJia. As we have taught him never to forget this step, he takes a pee standing up, aiming at the high tiles in the shower. Bed by 7:30pm reading his current favourite ‘Lena’ book then lights out at 8pm.