18-09-18 Corinth Canal

Tuesday 18th September 2018

Shhh-its our secret: today I’m 18 weeks pregnant. Only Linus and Erroll know. And all Linus worries about is the ‘egg’ – does it get tired or is it in discomfort. And of course that mummà takes her injections to make it ‘stronger’.

To celebrate Erroll once again leave Kings with JiaJia who today tells me that there never had been a better child than our one. Last night at 7:15 he announced how tired he is, hopped in bed, pulled up his tshirt for JiaJia to apply the Vicks, let her spritz saline nose spray in each nostril, took his Neurofen. She said ‘turn to your side and count to 100; I’ll scratch your back. By 7:25 he was passed out.

We the parents do unprecedented tourism! Corinth Canal then Litavikos Hill up to Agios Giorgio for a glorious sunset. Starved we eat chicken souvlaki and greek salad with way too many pita breads. Actually we can never have enough of those. Its day 2 of of our Athens adventure and we are enjoying every moment knowing that the Ninii is enjoying his ‘camping’ with JiaJia.