15-12-19 Twins: A Very Bronte Christmas

Sunday 15th December 2019

I’m left to my own devices today: Γιαγια’ς at church, daddy’s with big bro at Little Nippers, you two are hungry, needy and tired. So a hearty breakfast of chicken & vege pasta plus yoghurt, and the race is on to get out of the house before full blown meltdowns. Its goat milk you want. Obsessed with it. Kingsley can’t stand it and you guys don’t like cows milk. I’m into soy and daddy’s into cows milk. No competition among the Hartleys!

Its a very Bronte Christmas today as we attend our dojo’s Christmas party at the beach. You two are very popular among a gaggle of Chinese ladies who upset your father by taking photos of you. But they’re a great help to me, I explain. While one baby gets changed these snap happy women tend to the other.

Another help is Linus especially this morning. Even though he tends to wake her up earlier than she’s wake naturally, there’s no doubt how much Linus adores Elektra. Here they are before Nippers all I’m hearing is ‘don’t Elektra!’ as she reaches onto his sacred sticker book…